Connecting Your

Exhibiting Vendors 

and Attendees

with the Best Event Technology

Unlike many local events, trade shows are large-scale events that involve a large attendance from exhibiting vendors and visitors from all around the world. This can mean a headache to trade show organizers as they need to coordinate hundreds of details of the trade show floor. But it does not mean the end of the world. EventXtra is here to streamline the event workflow to make things easier for you.

Transform the Event Workflow

No More Hassles

Get Your Vendors and Attendees Together

by the Use of Tech

Digitalize Attendee Data

to Unlock Upselling Opportunities

How EventXtra helps your conference. Step by step.

Before Trade Show

Communicate with your vendors and attendees effortlessly

Send out trade show details and invitations to your exhibiting vendors and attendees using our email builder with RSVP form attached. Better accommodate your vendors’ needs by knowing their requests in advance.

During Trade Show

Check-in your vendors and attendees fast and digitally

Make use of our QR code scanning and name badge printing function to register your guests. Make your event flow as smooth as never before.

During Trade Show

Offer value-add service with our lead retrieval app

Act as a facilitator rather than just a venue provider. Allow your guests to socialize with each other using our event app by exchanging contacts and even starting a chat.

After Trade Show

Digitize attendee data to unlock upselling opportunities

Be a smart trade show organizer. Track on attendee data to measure your event success and unlock any upselling opportunities.

Success Case

Check-in Attendees

Fast and Digitally

Global Sources 2016

We’ve helped Global Sources to digitalize its event workflow by our QR code scanning check-in and instant badge printing technology. Registration was made faster and smoother. There were no more long queues waiting at the registration counter.

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