More than a Glamorous Look

Digitalise Your Annual Dinner Workflow by EventXtra

We understand you don’t want to make any manual mistakes in your Annual Dinner to affect your corporate image. Adopt our digital solutions in event planning to make it a stylish and well-organized one.

Impress Your Guests

with a Professional Event Outlook

No More Messy Attendee List

Everything is Organized and Neat

Make Valuable Connections

in a Digital Way

How EventXtra helps your annual dinner. Step by step.


Invite your guests, better organize your event

Invite your guests by sending out the RSVP form, where your guests can revisit the form and add more guests to join the event. So that you can better plan for seating and catering arrangements at your event.

During Event

Register your guests smoothly at the registration counter

Make use of our QR code scanning and name badge printing function to register your guests. Make your event flow as smooth as never before.

During Event

Let your guests connect using our event app

Your event is a valuable opportunity to connect your guests. Allow your guests to socialize with each other using our event app by exchanging contacts and event starting a chat.


Summarize your events smartly, and measure its success

Report to your organization with real-time event data to improve on your next event using statistics.

We have supported their annual dinners

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