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We know that maintaining a professional and trustable image is always your first priority. When organizing summits, conferences or meetings for your members, EventXtra can always provide digital solutions that best fit your event types, creating a smart and professional outlook for your association.

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Present a Professional Tech-savvy Image

from The Beginning Till The End

Present a professional image by checking attendees into events smoothly with the aid of technology. Show your members and other attendees that your associations are catching up with the latest technology trends to boost their confidence.

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Instant Name Badge Printing
Onsite Check-In App

Increase Productivity 

with a Reduced Cost

Traditional event management requires a high use of manpower to handle the check-in process. With EventXtra, you can reduce the use of manpower as every check-in step is automated. So that you can better utilize your budget and resources.

Have Your Data Tracked

and Securely Stored

Our platform is built for ultra-safe and secure performance. Your event data will be securely stored on EventXtra servers in your own, separate database and will be backed up regularly to prevent to risk of data loss.

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